The Perth To Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition Route

The Perth To Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition Route
Trans-continental Camel Expedition Route

Thank You Camel Expeditions, Australia

Thank You Camel Expeditions, Australia
Russell Osborne and his expedition camels

Desert Crossing

Desert Crossing
Gravity Lake, Canning Stock Route

About Russell Osborne

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For ten years I had been planning a transcontinent expedition as a fundraiser for the Children First Foundation. My wife and I left Katherine April 2008 and arrived in Melbourne on the 22/11/09, walking over 6500 Km in total, taking in some of the harshest and remote areas of the planet. Currently, I am organising another Transcontinental Camel Expedition from Perth to Sydney, again for Moira Kelly's Children First Foundation. I work as a keynote Speaker, Ambassador for the Children First Foundation and operate Camel Safaris in South Australia on Beltana Station.

Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition Aims and Objectives

The Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition will leave Perth early 2013 to travel across the Nullabor, through the deserts of Western Australia and South Australia, across New South Wales and enter Sydney on the 22/12/2013, (Trishna and Krishna's Birthday), in support of Moira Kelly's Children First Foundation.

The camel trek will:

Take approximately ten months to complete

Cover approximately 4200kms.

Trek through some of Australia's remotest deserts.

Cross the Australian continent from the west coast to the east


Help some children with critical illnesses.

Involve corporations and Individuals in a fund-raising expedition.

Create awareness of the work done by the Children First Foundation.

Raise funds along the journey to assist a child in desperate medical need through the Children First Foundation.

Celebrate Trishna and Krishna's birthday (22/12/2013) and the birthday's of all children in need of life saving and life changing medical assistance.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful Camels

So many people have asked me in the past why I do what I do. The answer is quite simple really. View the video of the camels at work on Beltana Station where they are involved in 5 and 7 day camel safaris into the wilderness around the Lake Torrens region and you'll have some idea why. This is what I do in between trying to achieve the near impossible of transcontinental camel crossings of Australia.
I know you'll love it. Camels have an addictive characteristic about them and I just cannot get enough of them, their sense of humour and their friendship.
It is said that if you have five good friends at the end of your life you have done well. The truth is I do have five good friends in addition to another nine, being my beautiful camels.
If ever you are planning a journey into the Flinders Ranges from Port Augusta, through Quorn, Hawker, Leigh Creek, Marree, William Creek, Coober Pedy or even from Wilmington and Melrose from Adelaide, towards the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, consider a Beltana Station Camel Safari with Outback Australian Camels into the wilderness region of the little known Lake Torrens.

An adventure of discovery, exploration and excitement.
Enjoy the video!

So much more than a Camel Tour

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