The Perth To Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition Route

The Perth To Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition Route
Trans-continental Camel Expedition Route

Thank You Camel Expeditions, Australia

Thank You Camel Expeditions, Australia
Russell Osborne and his expedition camels

Desert Crossing

Desert Crossing
Gravity Lake, Canning Stock Route

About Russell Osborne

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For ten years I had been planning a transcontinent expedition as a fundraiser for the Children First Foundation. My wife and I left Katherine April 2008 and arrived in Melbourne on the 22/11/09, walking over 6500 Km in total, taking in some of the harshest and remote areas of the planet. Currently, I am organising another Transcontinental Camel Expedition from Perth to Sydney, again for Moira Kelly's Children First Foundation. I work as a keynote Speaker, Ambassador for the Children First Foundation and operate Camel Safaris in South Australia on Beltana Station.

Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition Aims and Objectives

The Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition will leave Perth early 2013 to travel across the Nullabor, through the deserts of Western Australia and South Australia, across New South Wales and enter Sydney on the 22/12/2013, (Trishna and Krishna's Birthday), in support of Moira Kelly's Children First Foundation.

The camel trek will:

Take approximately ten months to complete

Cover approximately 4200kms.

Trek through some of Australia's remotest deserts.

Cross the Australian continent from the west coast to the east


Help some children with critical illnesses.

Involve corporations and Individuals in a fund-raising expedition.

Create awareness of the work done by the Children First Foundation.

Raise funds along the journey to assist a child in desperate medical need through the Children First Foundation.

Celebrate Trishna and Krishna's birthday (22/12/2013) and the birthday's of all children in need of life saving and life changing medical assistance.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Camelman Dreaming - The Book

Camelman Dreaming

Camelman Dreaming is the true story of
Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition.

Thirteen years to plan and two years to walk across Australia to reach the Royal Children's Hospital with a herd of camels.The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 arrived at the hosital to thank founder of the Children First FoundationMs Moira Kelly AO, for her life of changing and saving children's lives.
The expedition arrived at the hospital at the same time of the separation of conjoined twins,Trishna and Krishna.
To read more Click Here:Camelman Dreaming

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Children First Foundation Team In Adelaide

Last Friday was a historical day for the business community of Adelaide. The Grand Ballroom of the Adelaide Hilton Hotel was packed with eager people from the business community eager to listen to the stories of hope from Moira Kelly, Children First Foundation's Executive Director.

This was the beginnings of something big! The Children First Foundation now has a fund raising branch in Adelaide where many children supported by the Children First Foundation have already received much needed medical attention.

 Children First Foundation SA was born!

Money raised during the luncheon with both a live auction and a silent auction will go towards much needed medical support to children who would normally not have access to the specialists and their skills.

Moira Kelly made her first speech since the world held it's breath as we waited to hear of the news of the separation of formally conjoined twins, Trishna and Krishna. Her stories of children who have been helped through fund raising activities had everyone inspired and leaving with a sense of hope and willingness to strive for a better world for those less fortunate than ourselves.

The entire day was a resounding success and much needed funds for the life changing and life saving work with children to continue were raised.

Russell Osborne with Moira Kelly AO and Emmanuel Kelly in Adelaide at the launch of the
Children First Foundation SA Fundraising Branch.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful Camels

So many people have asked me in the past why I do what I do. The answer is quite simple really. View the video of the camels at work on Beltana Station where they are involved in 5 and 7 day camel safaris into the wilderness around the Lake Torrens region and you'll have some idea why. This is what I do in between trying to achieve the near impossible of transcontinental camel crossings of Australia.
I know you'll love it. Camels have an addictive characteristic about them and I just cannot get enough of them, their sense of humour and their friendship.
It is said that if you have five good friends at the end of your life you have done well. The truth is I do have five good friends in addition to another nine, being my beautiful camels.
If ever you are planning a journey into the Flinders Ranges from Port Augusta, through Quorn, Hawker, Leigh Creek, Marree, William Creek, Coober Pedy or even from Wilmington and Melrose from Adelaide, towards the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, consider a Beltana Station Camel Safari with Outback Australian Camels into the wilderness region of the little known Lake Torrens.

An adventure of discovery, exploration and excitement.
Enjoy the video!

So much more than a Camel Tour

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Outback australian Camels. 2,3,4 and 5 day safaris on Beltana Station.
This is where the Perth to Sydney camels are currently working as we prepare for the transcontinental camel expedition in 2013.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrating Life. Men achieving Dreams, Goals and Ambitions.

The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 Video

Hello and welcome to the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition site if this is your first time here.
My name is Russell Osborne and I am a Transcontinental Camel Expeditioner in Australia supporting Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation.

The Video on display above was of a journey my wife Ros and I undertook in 2008-2009, walking 6500 kms from the Top End in the Northern Territory to Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital at the same time Moira was looking after separated conjoined twins, Trishna and Krishna just after their separation operation.

The next transcontinental Camel Expedition I am undertaking will go from Perth in Western Australia to Sydney. Again to support the Children First Foundation but also to be a part of Trishna and Krishna's Birthday celebration.

My intention is to reach Sydney and mothers, fathers and families with children can join us with Trishna and Krishna to celebrate a big birthday party for these two wonderful girls.

As I cross Australia, once again, this time solo, I shall keep everyone informed as to my progress, people I meet along the way, places I visit and the scenery I experience.

This next expedition will also mean I will break an Australian record (to my knowledge) of being the only person to have walked across Australia twice. Not ride the camels, but walked the entire way.

I also hope that this will encourage men in particularly, of my age group, that dreams can and do come true and that life is well worth living and striving for the best in all of us to be celebrated. I know of many men who have fallen into a rut in life and would love to break free to achieve dreams and goals. Call it a mid life crises if you wish but it is so much more than that. It is a celebration of choice, achievement, struggles, goal setting, and love.

Please feel free to join this website and follow the progress of the next transcontinental expedition as the preparations begin, the organisation of the expedition progresses and then the actual expedition itself in 2013.

I look forward to meeting everyone through this adventure.

Yours Sincerely
Russell Osborne

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Toddler takes first steps to a new life

Toddler takes first steps to a new life

• Lucie van den Berg

• From: Herald Sun

• February 17, 2011 12:00AM

Abdallah Mousah has been brought to Australia to have his legs straightened. Picture: David Caird Source: Herald Sun

IT'S a very simple wish - to see your toddler put on a pair of shoes and take his first steps.

For the moment, mother of eight Sanaa Mousah can only watch as her three-year-old is forced to use his knees as though they were his feet.

Abdallah, 3, was born with badly deformed legs that curl in towards each other, making it impossible for the Palestinian boy to wear shoes or stand up, let alone walk.

Today, he will meet the Victorian surgeon at Cabrini Health who will give him the chance to stand tall.

"I would like him to be able to wear shoes and play with his friends," Mrs Mousah said. But her little boy has higher hopes after the surgery, with his sights already set on playing soccer.

Abdallah, a shy boy who left his twin brother behind in Gaza, arrived in Melbourne on Saturday after an arduous journey.

He is one of five Palestinians, aged from three years to 19, here with Children First Foundation for life-changing treatment.

There was a major struggle to get the children out of Gaza after the Rafah border crossing into Egypt was closed when civil rebellion erupted in Cairo.

Australians Phillip Sacca and Farrah Mansour worked with Israeli and Jordanian authorities to transport the children from Gaza through Israel and into Jordan before they flew to Dubai and on to Australia.

Now they are here, under the care of CFF founder Moira Kelly at her Kilmore farm.

Belal Barbakh, 19, who suffered severe burns, has come back for a review of his treatment. Eman Tabaza, a 14-year-old girl, is to have more surgery to fix a skull defect. Mohammed Abushalhout, 14, and Suhail Al Ashi, 16, will have surgery to correct limb deformities and a cleft lip.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Camel Training for Charity Camel Expedition

This Easter is unofficially the beginning of preparations for the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition.

I currently have the camels at Beltana Station in the Northern Flinders Ranges and I will be starting camel safaris with them exploring the region. Travellers can join me and assist in discoveries of early pioneer and settler historical sites since forgotten and discover the Aboriginal history and sites of significance on the station.

One of the reasons why it will be so good to start to walk the camels again is because they are getting too fat. Australia has had an enormous amount of rain and this means prolific floral growth. The camels have been eating so much of this wonderful new growth, they are in need of new saddles. Their old ones just will not fit them anymore.

Camel trekking will reduce their hump to a more managable size and increase their fitness once again. (And Mine).

If the camels humps get too big, they like any animal who is overweight, can suffer from joint problems. Too small, is not good either. It takes some working out to get the balance right for a camels health to be at an optimum level.

Many people have taken an interest in the development of the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition especially since walking across Australia twice, hasn't been done before.

Walking through the Flinders Ranges with interested travellers on Beltana Station will be the start to many footsteps towards creating this new Australian record.

For those interested in discovering about the region of Beltana Station, about camels and their beautiful nature and what Beltana Station Camel Safaris has to offer the link is at:

This is definitly the year to see this region, Lake Eyre and Lake Torrens. The country has never looked so good and for myself, to be in training here for the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition amongst the wildflowers and wildlife is going to be sheer heaven, compared to walking across Australia during the drought years as my wife and I did with the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition: LINK:

I'll post photos in the near future........Stay tuned.

Take care and please continue to support the Children First Foundation.


Russell Osborne

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Documentary Plans for the Camel Expedition

Hello everyone and welcome to the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition 2013 website.
I have lots of exciting news to tell you as I plan this 4500km expedition for Moira Kellys Children First Foundation.
Plans for a documentary of the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition 2013 are well on the way.
Recently, I was contacted by a documentary film maker with a credible track record of producing some excellent documentaries for SBS and a variety of other media outlets.
We discussed in great detail of the Camel Expedition, it's intentions and the desired outcomes of creating such a documentary.
I am pleased to announce that we have come up with a plan that is now being investigated further and the prognosis of such a plan is looking extraordinary to say the least.
I shall keep everyone posted as more news comes to light.

In the meantime, Ros and myself were honored once again by the Children First Foundation when they asked us to become house parents for the Children First Foundation Farm at Kilmore, Victoria.
With the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition 2013 and Ros gaining massive ground at present with Natural Resource Management, Marg Smith, the CEO of the Children First Foundation has suggested that our time to become house parents for the kids under the care of the Children First Foundation may be best in the future.

I couldn't think of a more life changing experience to have than become house parents for the Farm and it is an offer we will consider in time.

I have been looking at the maps of both Perth and Sydney to discover ways of manouvering the camels through the two cities safely but with maximum exposure to allow an opportunity for the public to partake in the camel expedition.

The enormous task of letter writing, gaining official permissions and gaining the support of local, state and federal Governments here in Australia as well as service clubs, sporting clubs and other organizations has begun.

Once again, just like with the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009, the excitement is building up inside of me and it is hard to concentrate on other aspects of living.

Currently, I am living with the Aboriginal Elders in the isolated community of Docker River in the N.T. I assist them on a daily basis with tasks needed to be done to maintain culture and general well being. Most of the elders I am living with are what we call original bushmen and women, meaning they remember first contact with white man.
Their stories and knowledge of land, spirituality, culture and wisdom is quite incredible and it is an absolute joy being with them. My own personal knowledge base of land, culture and lifestyle prior to european contact has expanded enormously and a great deal of this knowledge and learnt skills gained will be incorporated in the next transcontinental camel expedition.

Recently, Australia has undergone some incredible hardships and Ros and I would both like to extend our deepest thoughts and love to those affected by the tragic natural disasters so many have experienced.
We have offered a week of camel trekking for eight people to be auctioned for the Queensland Flood Appeal with my camel tours and safaris with Outback Australian Camels on Beltana Station in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Hopefully, the auction will raise a lot of money for those most in need from the flood disaster.

Take care everyone and best wishes for 2011.
Thank you for all those who have emailed me privately with your encouragment and support.
It really does make a huge difference to me.

Cheers for Now
Russell Osborne
Ambassador, Children First Foundation
Transcontinental Camel Expeditioner

Monday, January 3, 2011

Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition: Camels In Sydney. by Russell Osborne, Transcontine...

Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition: Camels In Sydney. by Russell Osborne, Transcontine...: "Hello everyone and Happy New Year for 2011.What a year it's going to be. I'm at the beginning of the organizing for the Perth ..."

Camels In Sydney. by Russell Osborne, Transcontinental Camel Expeditioner.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year for 2011.What a year it's going to be.

I'm at the beginning of the organizing for the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition 2013 and the task of finding those who will be able to help with the planning, the advertising, promotion and getting through the paperwork for such a task.


If anyone has contacts that may be able to assist with or is in an industry that may be interested, please don"t hesitate to get in contact with me.

Ros and I were in Sydney for the Christmas break. It was my first time to the centre of the city and I had no idea just how busy and big it was. I had driven through Sydney once before but never spent any time there. It's going to be a massive challenge to walk with the camels into Sydney through the mountains and then through the suburbs before reaching the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House for Trishna and Krishna's birthday on the 22/12/2013. Getting through Sydney is possibly the biggest challenge of the entire expedition. Sure there will be hurdles along the way and challenges as the camels and I walk across the deserts of Australia, but if you know me, I'm not a city boy.

This year I am going to start to lay down the ground work with the necessary authorities to be able to get the job done.

What I have in mind is a big birthday party for all kids. Especially those who have been ill or are undergoing medical care.

Camels For Kids Day. So close to Christmas, surely Santa would want to get involved as well.
I naturally took some photos of the area to assist me to get a mental picture of what the expeditions target is. I'll post them here so I can see the target when I read back through the blogs.

The walk towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the North Side towards the South.

The Sydney Opera House View from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Entering Sydney From The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The goal. To reach one of Australia's most recognized landmarks. The Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, it's a magnificent bridge and it's my goal to walk the camels across it with supporters of Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation.

Some of the goals of the project are:
  •  To have as many people walk with the camels across the bridge to the opera house to say, Happy Birthday to Trishna and Krishna and to all of the kids under medical care.
  • To gather as many people as possible to say thank you to Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation for their work changing and saving children's lives.
  • To create a fundraiser for the Children First Foundation.
  • To celebrate those who help children in great need.
  • To walk across Australia using camels as a means of carrying food, water and other necessities of life.
I will need assistance with the following:
  1. The Authorities. Gaining permission to conduct such an event in both Perth and Sydney.
  2. Advertising. Before, during and leading up to the target date and venue.
  3. Places to stay when I'm in  the more populated areas along the route. Also in Perth and in Sydney. ie schools, churches, public areas.
  4. Ground support when in Perth and in approaching Sydney.
  5. Police and security support in Perth and Sydney. ie traffic control support.
  6. Positive media coverage.
  7. A documentary maker that has the objectives of the expedition in mind, to help with the awareness and fundraising for the Children First Foundation.
  8. Transportation of camels to Perth from Beltana Station S.A. and from Sydney to Beltana Station.
  9. and a whole variety of things that will come to light as the organization of the expedition unfolds.
One thing I learnt from the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 was that there are so many supportive people and organizations out there and so many are willing to assist if given the chance to. Much thanks to them all, that expedition was successful.

The other thing I learnt was to ask for help.

HELP! Please, if you can.

Contacts, enthusiasm, involvement are all helpful in so many different ways.
Together, we can create a fantastic programe that is of benefit to others, namely, children in need. That's what it's all about.

This year, the camels and I will be working with Beltana Station Camel Safaris so I will be able to see what is needed to complete this solo expedition across Australia from Perth and into Sydney in 2013.
To my knowledge, no-one has crossed the continent twice on foot. (I didn't ride the camels on the last expedition and I won't be riding them on this one). Walking all of the way. If anyone has other information to the contrary, I would love to hear from you.

Once again, for me it's a privelage and an honour to be able to help Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation in such a manner and I hope many of you who read this blog will also find it an honour and a privelage as well and get involved with the planning and implimentation of the Perth To Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition 2013.
I can be contacted through the following means:
Mobile: 0428304005 (not all that effective as I am mostly out bush).
email: (No spam please. It will be dumped immediately)
Beltana Station Camel Safari Website:
or by commenting on this blogsite.

That reminds me. If this project interests you in any shape or form and you want to become a follower of the project to receive blogs and journals as the project progresses and is implimented, please feel free to become a member of the site.

Have a great year in 2011 and I really look forward to hearing from you all in the future.
Sincerely and faithfully yours,

Russell Osborne

Beltana Station Camel Safaris

Here is the picture of the goal for the Perth to sydney Thank You Camel Expedition once again.
If you can, please help me get there.